Pronounced (Ka-Ka-Wa-Te) Cacahuate is Spanish for peanuts and there are a lot of them in Mexico. Although not originally from Mexico, when the Spanish arrived they found them for sale on the streets. Used in cooking, eaten raw, roasted, fried, steamed, salted or spiced with lime and chilli, it’s hard to find a more diverse staple in Mexico.

Cacahuates are often associated with fun and festivities here in Mexico – originally as part of the posadas – the 9 days of celebration prior to Christmas, or to fill the traditional piñata. Cacauhates are always available on street stalls, markets, cantinas and restaurants.

The form of the pod is universal as is the seed, distinctive and familiar – subtle and curvaceous, softly complementing its surrounds. This was exactly our intention when creating the CACAHUATE lamp. We wanted a form that complimented, rather than dominated, the interior.

Like the TAMARINDO, the CACAHUATE swings well by itself or in a crowd, suspended at various heights to take advantage of the negative space between.

Lovingly crafted by the team at Luminosa.