Pronounced (Ka-Ka-Wa- Te) Cacahuate is Spanish for peanuts and there are a lot of them in Mexico ! Although not originally from Mexico, when the Spanish arrived they found them for sale on the streets. Used in cooking, eaten raw, roasted, fried, steamed, salted or spiced with lime and chilli it’s hard to find a more diverse staple in Mexico.

Cacahuates are often associated with fun and festivities here in Mexico – originally as part of the posadas – the 9 days of celebration prior to Christmas or to fill the traditional piñata. Cacahuates are always available on street stalls, markets, cantinas and restaurants.

The Cacahuate Ceramic pendant lamps are a modern and stylish take on one of our best sellers at Luminosa ™ the original Cacahuate glass pendant lamp. Cast and glazed in contemporary colours and lit with a dimmable LED lamp, the Cacahuate Ceramic lamp is designed to blend and compliment the contemporary interior. Whether hanging in the kitchen, as a cluster in the stairwell or grouped over a bar these little gems swing perfectly in any modern interior.

Explore the colour options or mix and match with the Cacahuate copper and glass lamps the possibilities are endless.

Proudly Luminosa. ™