Not far form where these lamps are made a little miracle occurs every year.

In Late October millions of Monarch butterflies make their way from as far north as Canada to the forested highlands of Eastern Michoacán to rest and eventually mate, only to return to the north in early spring and complete the cycle. Still not completely understood by science the migration of this little marvel has resisted natural and man made obstacles along the way to bounce back in populations and scratch itself off the endangered list.

Fresh from the foundry the cocoon lamp starts as a flat sheet of copper. Using traditional copper raising techniques the lamps are gently coaxed and beaten into shape slowly taking their 3-dimenesional form. Occasionally the piece is fire annealed to regain its elasticity and then returned to the stake once again. Crafted by a skilled craftsman, each piece takes a day and half to complete. Once the lamp completes its journey finally its signature Luminosa ™ patina is applied, permanently sealing the maker’s marks.

Utilizing a dimmable LED lamp the pendant lamp hovers above, gestating warmth and shedding a rich golden light over the surface below. Suspend the cocoon pendant high to distribute its warmth over a larger surface area or place it down low suggesting a rich and intimate space.

Truly unique truly Luminosa™