For lighting it’s hard to find a more sumptuous, malleable and luminous metal than copper and there’s plenty of it here in Mexico !

The pre-Hispanic Tarasco people of Michoacán and Jalisco used the material for axes and weapons, repeatedly fending off the fierce Aztecs in the 14th and 16th centuries. The same people continue to work the material today having developed and mastered it into fine home-wares, jewelry and cook-ware such as the famous “cazo”, a cauldron like pot used to the make Michoacán’s signature dish “carnitas”.

Each of our pieces starts off as select recycled copper wire and tubing. It is smelted into specifically sized ingots and once cold, cleaned, beaten, rolled and cut to a precise gauge and diameter. Next it is passed to the copper-smith where the piece is gently and skillfully beaten and raised by hand from a flat sheet into one of our distinctive lamps. This process takes between 1 to 2 days per piece. Once finished it is heat treated permanently sealing the copper in our signature patinas.

Pure copper is an amazing material to work with, soft, malleable and warm. When lit from within it provides a unique and exquisite gilded light perfect for the intimate space whether a commercial bar, dining space, residential passage or that cozy corner.

All our copper lamps are lit with dimmable LED lamps chosen for their warmth and low impact on the environment.


Mexico has a long and esteemed history in glass dating back to the first half of the 16th century. It was actually the first country in the Americas to be introduced to the magic of hot glass by the Spanish !

These days however, it’s probably most recognised for its celebrated recycled tableware, lighting and bottles, blown and finished by hand – sometimes clear, often brightly coloured, but always bubbly.

The process to make a hand blown lamp begins with a tank of molten glass maintained at a constant temperature of around 2000 degrees Fahrenheit (1100 degrees Celsius). Our lamps are made mostly from recycled glass utilizing an innovative formula that lowers the melt temperature and takes out all impurities and colours from the glass.

Little has changed in the hand making process in the last 500 years, the tools are the same and methods and knowhow are still as they were, shared amongst colleagues and handed down from generation to generation. The process begins with a glassmaker dipping a blow pipe into the furnace and gently “gathering” a small amount of glass onto the tip of the pipe. Taking the precaution to keep the material on centre a small bubble is placed in the glass, this process is repeated over and over gradually building the mass of glass until the desired amount is reached. Using a combination of breath, dexterity, gravity and select heating a form comes to life, through skilled manipulation and assistance from the team of glass makers the piece is handed back and forth, worked, heated and re-worked, until finally a hand blown Luminosa ™ pendant light comes to life.


Ceramics had been in Mexico for thousands of years before the Spanish arrived. Often manipulated by coiling, pinching and molding to create utilitarian cooking vessels, pipes, masks, toys, sculptures and a multitude of art forms were created.

After the Spaniards arrived the industry expanded throughout the republic, many regions and cities becoming known for their particular specialty: Talavera tiles of Puebla, Painted Majolica wares of Guanajuato and Barro negro a burnished black ceramic of Oaxaca.

The Mayans used slip casting as a decorative technique first applying a decorative film of beeswax and then immersing the object in a colored clay slip. Later upon firing the wax would burn off revealing the second colour inside.

Continuing the tradition of slip casting we have designed a range of contemporary lighting, substituting painted slip for high fire ceramic, our designs are manually  cast, dried, and hand painted before firing. Once cooled the pieces are glazed in our signature colours and re-fired. The process takes between two to three days – what’s the rush good things are worth waiting for !

Ceramic is a beautiful material to work with and perfect for contemporary lighting. Clean, smooth and resilient, its opacity controls and guides light decisively, defining space with a chic elegance, perfect for that small intimate space where total light control is an imperative.

All our ceramic lamps are lit with dimmable LED lamps chosen for their warmth and low impact on the environment.