We make every effort to make our products part of ones life journey to last the test of time. By making an object that is valued and cared for we believe we are making the biggest contribution to sustainability an object of value that is cherished and kept, thus never returning to the material cycle.

We use recycled glass and copper in the making process. It is company policy to investigate, specify and promote renewable and recyclable materials wherever appropriate in all our products, packaging, office and factory supplies.

  • We value local community links and wherever possible source local production, talent and suppliers further strengthening the local community ties and knowledge as well as reducing waste.
  • We are an equal opportunity company supporting male and female workers, the handicapped and older workers in the work place.
  • We do not employ children nor do we work with companies that are unable to provide clear evidence that their employees work in a clean, safe non-abusive work environment and are compensated fairly for their work.
  • All our suppliers and contractors are valued enormously for their skills and contribution in the creative and manufacturing process and are remunerated at rates equivalent to or above national awards wages.

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