Tamarinds were first introduced to Mexico by the Spaniards and have very much become part of the culture here. They are often picked straight from the tree and eaten raw; as a refreshing flavoured drink, ice blocks, or sweets dusted in chilli and sugar. Their flavour is both sweet and sour.

In the tropics tamarinds grow in tall pod-like fruit hanging silently from the trees in clusters, each pod distinctive.

The TAMARINDO lamp is a contemporary interpretation of the form of this fruit. Encapsulating its characteristics, the TAMARINDO is sleek, curvaceous and light, hanging effortlessly with its long elongated form juxtaposed by a long tubular lamp emanating warm light from within.

TAMARINDO lamps looks great hung singularly, in an intimate space or in select groupings in larger open areas.

TAMARINDO is one of our favourites at Luminosa.