Tamarinds were first introduced to Mexico by the Spaniards and have very much become part of the culture here. They are often picked straight from the tree and eaten raw; as a refreshing flavoured drink, ice blocks, or sweets dusted in chilli and sugar. Their flavour is both sweet and sour. In the tropics tamarinds grow in tall pod-like fruit hanging silently from the trees in clusters, each pod distinctive.

Styled on the best selling glass version, the Tamarindo Ceramic pendant lamps are a clean and colourful lamp designed for the modern interior. Cast and glazed in contemporary colours and lit with dimmable a LED lamp, the Tamarindo Ceramic lamp is suitable for any environment where clean functional white light is required for a defined space, whether for a restaurant, a bar or in the kitchen these unobtrusive pendants look great singly or as a group in a contemporary interior.

Mix and match the colours or combine the lamps with the Tamarindo Copper and Glass lamps to create a truly unique space.

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