Lamps are an age-old tradition here in Mexico, from antique hand crafted wall sconces of steel and glass, to intricate wire and glass pendant lights hung on patios, streets, parks and plazas. To this day, traditional methods for producing these lamps continue. Complicated and intricate designs are created in wire and then molten glass is blown exactly into the forms creating a unique optical effect within – literally each piece is unique.

TWISTERS are a modern day take on the traditional wire and glass lamps. The hand blown process is very much revered in these lamps. Steel is still used in our production methods, however just briefly enough to form an optical effect in the piece. Each piece is then individually twisted before being blown out into its final form. When lit from within a delicate lace moire is illuminated.

We hope you appreciate TWISTERS as much as we enjoy making them. The lamps look just as good over an intimate bar or restaurant space as they do in the contemporary residential interior.

Hand made with pride by our team here at Luminosa.